Terms of Service

We invite you to read carefully the following text (hereinafter “General Conditions“, “Contract” or “Terms of Service“) as it contains the rules to be followed for a correct use of the platform. This is a binding contract between you and the platform provider.

The definitions can be used indifferently to the singular or plural. Terms that denote a gender include the other gender.

Subscriptions” the use of the Application and Services for consideration for weekly, monthly or annual periods.

set of data that allows the User, through registration, to use tools and functionality of the Platform.

Subscription fee” the consideration that the User acknowledges to the Supplier for the use of the Platform and the Services.

General conditions” o “Terms of use” the contract between the Platform Supplier and Users which governs the rules for the use of the Platform and the Services.

Contents” User Content and Lim-e Content jointly understood.

User Content” images, audio, video, texts, combinations of precedents and more generally didactic contents recorded by Users and uploaded to the Platform.

Lim-e content” interactive features, software, pre-installed videos, texts and pre-existing contents, trademarks and other distinctive signs, graphic layout, domain names and other material made available by the Supplier.

Supplier” or “Company” the company Lim-e S.R.L, with registered office in Piazza Garibaldi 12, Sustinente, Mantova, 46030, Italy.

Mobile App
the Lim-e mobile application, downloadable directly from the platform or from the Google Play and iOS stores.

the use of the technological infrastructure and its functionalities.

Lim-e”, “Platform” o “Application” the multimedia platform https://www.lim-e.it/ in desktop or mobile app version.

User” the natural person who uses the Application as a result of registration.

  1. LIM-E is an application that allows you to create a virtual learning environment for the exchange and sharing of information and educational content.
  2. LIM-E makes available to users the use of a technological infrastructure through which it will be possible:
    1. record and memorize the audio and video of the lessons through a PC, tablet, L.I.M., smartphone or other compatible device;
    2. use, manage and share media (documents, audio and video files);
    3. create, manage, share and take advantage of online lessons on Lim-e servers;
    4. share educational content with the majority of users without access barriers or restricting the consultation to selected groups.
  3. The Supplier offers the possibility to choose different subscription plans including a free solution without any activation costs but with limited functionality and other paid solutions with greater functionality than the free solution, as better specified at the address. https://www.lim-e.it/. To take advantage of premium features, the User must purchase one of the Subscriptions indicated on the home page https://www.lim-e.it/.
  4. With the conclusion of the Contract, the User also accepts Privacy and Cookies Policy and Community Rules, expressly referred to herein and which form an integral and substantial part of this Agreement.

Lim-e is owned and managed by the company Lim-e S.R.L, with registered office in Piazza Garibaldi 12, Sustinente, Mantova, 46030, Italy.

  1. To use the Services, Users must register an Account and conclude the Contract electronically, by ticking and pressing the virtual button of acceptance, confirming that they have fully understood the meaning of the Terms of Service. For any doubt, Users are invited to contact the Supplier before completing registration.
  2. In the event of conflict or discrepancies between what is indicated in the Application and this Agreement, this Agreement will prevail. In the event that any of the provisions of the Contract are deemed ineffective by a court, the parties agree that the other clauses of the Contract will still be fully effective.
  3. The provisions set forth herein apply to the use of the Platform and the provision of the Services. By downloading the Application and registering with the Platform, Users agree to bind themselves to the Contract and to comply with its provisions.
  1. To use the Services, an Account must be registered. It will be possible to complete the registration and authenticate to the Platform also by connecting your account and social profile. During registration, Users must verify the correctness of the data communicated to the Supplier. If the information changes, it will be the responsibility of the users to make the appropriate updates through their account.
  2. The Supplier reserves the right to make the registration of the Account conditional upon verification of the age of the registry by requesting an identity document and by joint registration by the parent in the case of Users under the age of 14;
  3. Each Account is personal and can not be transferred to third parties without the approval of the Supplier.
  4. Users are responsible for protecting their Account by assuming full responsibility for any activity performed through it, regardless of whether or not they have authorized it. Users will have the task of informing the Company immediately of any unauthorized use of their Account to allow the latter to block any unauthorized access.
  5. Account registration is prohibited through automated methods (such as bots, robots, spiders and scrapers );
  6. For Users who have not completed the fourteenth year of age, a parent must, after reading and accepting the Contract, create an Account linked to that of the child. Through your account, the parent will be notified by e-mail if the minor’s registration data were changed. The parent will not be notified of the minor’s use of the Platform (timing, mode) nor will he be able to monitor the use of the Platform in real time or on a deferred basis. The parent will have the right to close the minor’s account.
  1. To purchase the Subscription Services, the User must:
    1. select the type of subscription;
    2. register the Account if it has not already done so;
    3. fill in the order form with your payment details;
    4. confirm the willingness to buy through the pressure of the virtual acceptance and payment button.
  2. Before concluding the purchase order, the User will have the opportunity to recheck the information entered and, if necessary, to modify it. The User can view the total cost of the Service including VAT and any other tax. On the sidelines of the purchase process, the User will receive the order confirmation with the details of the purchase at the e-mail address communicated during registration.
  3. The payment methods accepted by the Company are indicated on the Platform. The User must set the form of payment accepted by the Supplier in order to purchase the Services. The Company will charge the price of the Services on your credit card or on the other payment instruments provided. The User hereby authorizes and accepts the fact that the Supplier provides for collection by debiting or requesting authorization to debit the payment card communicated during the purchase phase, also by processing the payment by third-party suppliers. In particular, the Subscriptions provide for periodic and automatic charges (generally weekly, monthly or yearly). If the User activates a Subscription Service, he authorizes the Company to periodically debit, on a continuous basis and until the end of the subscription period, all the sums due. The first billing date coincides with the day of purchase of the Subscription. The User may terminate the Subscription at any time, provided that in case of withdrawal these will not be entitled to the return, even partial, of the subscription price, as indicated in Art. 6 “RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL AND EXCLUSIONS”. To avoid the automatic renewal, the User must cancel the Subscription through the settings of his profile so as to avoid the invoice and the debit of the amounts.
  4. Users will make payment for the Subscription using the payment system made available by Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Stripe“). The Supplier has no affiliation relationship, does not recommend or recommend and does not have any agency or collaboration relationship with Stripe. Lim-e has no responsibility or control and disclaims any liability with respect to actions or omissions of Stripe or related to the use of Stripe (including, without limitation, any frauds or unauthorized transactions, loss, use, disclosure or alteration of User data that may occur in connection with the use of Stripe). The User acknowledges and accepts that Stripe may encounter errors and interruptions in the service and not be completely sure. The use of Stripe is entirely at the risk of the User. The User takes note of Stripe’s privacy policy at the following address https://stripe.com/privacy#translation and data processing methods.
  5. If the payment method set by the User is not accepted, for example because the credit card has expired or for similar reasons and the payment is not successful, the Services will not be activated until a valid method of payment is added. payment. The Supplier reserves the right to send a notification to the User in the event that malfunctions occur with the payment methods.
  6. Subscription prices may be changed at the discretion of the Company and at any time and will be published directly on the Platform home page. It is understood that any changes in the economic conditions will have no effect on purchases already made, but only on any renewals, even automatic, or on new purchases.
  7. The Supplier reserves the right to advertise discounts and promotional offers with different characteristics and prices depending on the recipients. Offers may be made at the discretion of the Supplier both to individual Users and to all registered Users.
  1. Pursuant to art. 59 co. 1 lett. o) of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, No. 206 and subsequent amendments), the right of withdrawal for the supply of digital content is excluded through non-material support if the execution began with the express agreement of the consumer and with his acceptance of the fact that in this case he would lose the right of withdrawal. The User is informed that the Service consists of the use of an application which is part of the notion of digital content referred to in recital 19 of DIRECTIVE 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights. Proceeding with the purchase of the Subscription relating to the use of the Application of its functionalities, the User requests the immediate execution of the Service by waiving the right of withdrawal.
  2. It is expressly excluded for professionals to withdraw from the Contract once the purchase of the Subscription has been completed, regardless of the duration of the same (1 week, 1 month, 1 year). The term professional shall mean the natural or legal person acting in the framework of his commercial, industrial, craft or professional activity and anyone acting in his name or on his behalf.
  1. Users will be entirely responsible for the creation, use and sharing of User Content, in particular regarding the content of the lessons, images and videos published on the Platform, ensuring that they have full use, publication and distribution rights without any limitation. It is expressly prohibited:
    1. distribute the Services in part or totally by any means without the prior written consent of the Company;
    2. make changes or alterations to the Services;
    3. access the Contents through tools other than those offered by the Supplier;
    4. circumvent (or attempt to circumvent), disable, or otherwise interfere with any element related to the security of the Services and the Platform;
    5. make requests to the Services by means other than those made available by the Supplier;
    6. use the Services for commercial and / or advertising purposes without the prior written consent of the Supplier;
    7. implement any sales activity to third parties within the Services or using the Services (for example, to allow access to the Uploaded Content only upon payment of an economic fee);
    8. use the Services to solicit business of a commercial nature or in connection with a commercial activity;
    9. use or launch a computerized system (including, without limitation, robots, spiders or offline readers) that accesses the Services in such a way as to send more request messages to the Servers’ servers in a given period of time than a human being can reasonably to carry out using a standard web browser (that is, not modified) publicly available;
    10. collect or store personal data of Users by extracting them from the Platform;
    11. access the Contents for reasons other than personal and non-commercial use;
    12. copy, download, reproduce, distribute, transmit, disseminate, sell, license or otherwise exploit the Content for any purpose other than the simple use of the Platform, without having previously obtained the written consent of the Supplier;
    13. violate or attempt to circumvent applicable laws regarding the processing of personal data;
    14. violate the intellectual property rights of the Company or third parties, for example by publishing User Content that violates the intellectual property and copyright of third parties, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and databases of third parties;
    15. circumvent the security measures that protect the Platform;
    16. register through social profiles that you do not own;
    17. transfer the use of the Account and the credentials to third parties without the consent of the Supplier;
    18. use the Platform to send, upload or otherwise transmit data that contains viruses or other malware or any other code designed to damage the hardware, software or data;
    19. publish User Content defamatory and offensive to the reputation and image of others;
  2. The violation of even one of the previous provisions may result in the immediate suspension of the Account as a temporary measure justified by the need to interrupt the non-fulfillment and to prevent the occurrence of a harmful event. In case of suspension of the Services, the User may also receive a notification of non-compliance with which he will be granted a maximum period of 7 days to put an end to the violation.
  3. The following violations will constitute a serious breach of contract which justifies the immediate termination of this Contract pursuant to and for the purposes of article 1456 of the Civil Code:
    1. unauthorized distribution of the Service to third parties;
    2. use of the Service for commercial purposes;
    3. violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or of the Company;
    4. violation of the legislation to protect personal data.

    Deactivation of the Account as a result of default by the User will result in the loss of access to the Contents.

  1. The Customer expressly acknowledges that the industrial and intellectual property rights and economic exploitation of the Platform and Lim-e Content belong to the Company or its assignors. Except as provided in this agreement, it is therefore expressly forbidden to the User, under penalty of immediate termination of the Contract and compensation for damages, to take actions in violation of the intellectual property rights of the Company included make unauthorized use of the Services in contravention of the provisions of this Contract, or allow the use of the Platform to unauthorized third parties, whether free of charge or for consideration, except in case of prior authorization by the Supplier.
  2. The User guarantees that any element of text, image, video and more generally the data uploaded to the Platform or otherwise used through it are in its legitimate possession or have obtained permission or consent from the rightful owner of each of these elements , pledging to release the Company from any claims or lawsuits arising from the use of such elements.
  3. To allow the Service to be provided, the User grants to the Supplier a license on the User Content indefinitely, non-exclusively, sublicensively transferable (for the purpose of the Service), valid throughout the world and free to use, host , copy, archive, distribute, execute and publish (in whole or in part), modify and create derivative works (including any changes necessary to adapt the User Content to the Service) within the limits necessary to provide, improve and make the Service available ; make and disseminate metrics and analyzes relating to User Content in aggregate or non-personally identifiable manner (to improve the Service itself, or for marketing and promotion purposes of the Platform). The license granted includes the Company’s right to use, modify, create derivative works, publish, distribute and sub-license User Content provided that the User is not directly identifiable for the purposes of development and improvement of the Platform, marketing and promotion, in compliance with the privacy policy.
  1. The User acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for the User Content and the consequences of their online upload and publication. The Supplier does not endorse any User Content or opinions, recommendations or advice contained therein and expressly disclaims any and all liability in relation to them.
  2. The User acknowledges that the author of the information and data has complete ability to manage access to them. The User accepts that there are contents not visible to him or that the author has the right to make content that was previously unavailable. The User acknowledges and guarantees to have (and to continue to have during the use of the Services) all the licenses, rights, consents and permissions necessary to allow Lim-e to use the User Content in compliance with the rights of use granted and indicated in Art. 8 “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND LICENSE OF USE DUI CONTENTS”.
  3. You must comply with the Community Rules of Lim-e.
    When the Company becomes aware of the loading of User Content contrary to the rules set out herein, it may make an assessment on the User Content and in case it detects a lack of conformity to the provisions of the Contract, at its discretion and without notice, remove such User Content and / or inhibit the User from uploading them.
  4. The User also acknowledges and agrees that during the use of the Services may be exposed to User Content that are in fact inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or contrary to morals or good customs. The Supplier makes available to the Users the use of the Platform, but has no controlling role with respect to the User Content, it carries out preventive checks on the same. The User declares, now by then, that he will have nothing to expect from the Company with respect to the quality and accuracy of the User Content by committing himself not to contest any disputes in this regard and excluding the Supplier from any liability in this regard.
  5. It is a precise duty of the User to adequately inform the persons involved in recording a lesson (professors, students) and obtain their explicit consent, also with respect to the use of the Application.
  1. The Supplier undertakes to make sure that the Application presents the characteristics, the functionalities and is able to perform what described in the Contract and also to the page https://www.lim-e.it/ . This warranty is exclusive of any other warranty, explicit or implicit, in particular concerning the ability to perform operations other than those envisaged, its uninterrupted and error-free operation, or constant and uninterrupted access to the Contents.
  2. The correct functioning of the Application is moreover conditioned to the correct functioning of the computer, of the hardware tools and of the connection used by the User, as well as the correct use of the Platform by the latter.
  3. The Company reserves the right to suspend or discontinue use of the Platform at any time if required by maintenance, whether ordinary or extraordinary and unplanned. In the event of suspension of the Service, the Supplier will make every reasonable effort to notify Users with reasonable advance notice before any suspension can take place, provided that, except in cases of willful misconduct and gross negligence, any liability for failure to comply is excluded. operation of the Platform, temporary or permanent, partial or total.
  1. The Supplier excludes any responsibility with respect to the educational contents exchanged between Users and more generally with respect to the User Content. The Service consists in providing a digital infrastructure, however the Supplier remains unrelated to the relationship between Users within the Platform, in particular with respect to the data and information exchanged.
  2. Except as otherwise provided by mandatory legal provisions with respect to cases of willful misconduct and gross negligence, the Company can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect prejudice and damage suffered by the User as a consequence of the use of the Platform, unless within the limits the amount paid by the User for the purchase of the Subscription and solely for those damages that are an immediate and direct consequence of the use of the Service.
  1. Users may view links on the Platform that refer to other external sites. Users are aware that the links are provided for the convenience of the User and that such links or banners will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to them, including privacy policy and security policy. The Company is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such websites or external resources, nor does it recommend or be held responsible for any content, advertising, products or other materials available on such sites or resources.
  2. The Supplier does not directly or indirectly answer for any damages or losses deriving from the interaction with such external contents or services. You agree to be solely responsible and assume all risks that may arise from interaction with such external sites and resources or from the use of products and services made available on such sites or external resources.
  1. The Supplier reserves the right to make changes to the functionality of the Application at any time due to technical, legal or commercial reasons. Lim-e uses a constantly evolving technology. The User acknowledges and accepts that some features of the Services provided may undergo variations also due to updates made necessary by the state of the art, included to provide a better user experience, or for commercial reasons or for regulatory adjustments.
  2. The Supplier reserves the right to make changes to the General Conditions for technical, legal or commercial reasons. Any changes will be reported to Users with reasonable advance by e-mail, except in case of urgent changes due to legal obligations. It is however the User’s duty to regularly check the last update date indicated at the bottom of the Contract.
  3. The changes will be automatically applied after the period indicated in the notification sent to the e-mail address communicated by the User. If the changes have an impact that substantially changes the characteristics of the Service, the User will have the right to withdraw from the Contract by providing a 15-day notice to the Company by PEC or registered mail, with the right to receive the reimbursement of the price related to the Services which has not been used on the effective date of the withdrawal, with the exclusion of any further claim for damages, expenses or costs.
  1. This Contract is governed by Italian law.
  2. For any controversy deriving from the interpretation and / or execution of this contract, the Court of Mantua is exclusively competent.
  3. If the User holds the status of consumer under the Consumer Code, the place of jurisdiction to decide on any disputes will be that of the User’s residence.
  4. In accordance with the EU Regulation of the European Parliament and Council No. 524/2013, we report the link to the European online dispute resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

□ I accept the General Conditions and confirm that I have read the Privacy Policy;

□ Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code. the User declares to approve specifically, after reading, the following clauses:

  • clauses 7.1 and 7.2 of Article 7. GENERAL RESTRICTIONS FOR USE;
  • clauses 10.1 and 10.3 of Article 10. EXCLUSION OF GUARANTEES;
  • clause 11.2 of Article 11. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY;
  • clauses 14.1 and 14.2 of Art. 14. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION:

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