Change is the essence

In an IT world that is never the same, change is essential to staying competitive and taking advantage of new opportunities. Lim-e thanks to his team of experts, guides reality with a great past, from a stable present to an exceptional future.

Business analysis

Diagnosing the disease is the first step in healing. How well does a company know itself? What hidden costs is it bearing? What development opportunities are you missing? Process analysis and mapping, staff evaluation, machine learning are some of the many ways to understand if and how your business needs to change.

Business re-engineering

From diagnosis to treatment. How to restructure, update, renew a business, even completely? Designing the transformation allows you to have clear not only the point of arrival, but also the intermediate points, the steps to reach them, the indicators to evaluate them and the alternatives to make up for the unexpected.

Business evolution

How to take your business to the next level. Continuous staff training and re-training, outsourcing to maintain operations and contain costs, evaluate new technologies and design new systems, are some of the areas in which our team can help a company implement its evolution process.

Faster than your mind

Today, moving from idea to product does not mean creating the way, but rather choosing the way. The acquisition of the necessary knowledge and the tracing of this path require more time than the one necessary to travel it. Lim-e makes the knowledge of its team of experts available in order to make new technological possibilities accessible to every type of business

Technical and Design advisory

The journey from the idea to the product requires passing through the project. Which technology stack is most convenient to use for your idea? Which technology stack is most convenient for your team? Which tool is the best investment in the short, medium, long term? How to structure the roadmap? Are there marketing needs? A technology business project must take into account all these variables and many others over very large periods.

Continuous training and coaching

From the plan to the team. The company team is not always able to respond instantly to technical and design choices. Training has the double cost of requesting funds and slowing down the work. A training and mentoring program allows you to train your team while continuing to carry out your tasks at reduced capacity, while maintaining the same level of production thanks to temporary outsourcing.

Systemic outsourcing

The cost (time and money) for the implementation or update of a specific technological or organizational system can be inconvenient for a company. Likewise, failure to implement or update the same system can result in an even higher cost in the medium term. Outsourcing allows the company to remain competitive on the market.