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Knowledge and experience are like oil: everyone needs it, few have it. Lim-e was born from this awareness, and thanks to its team of experts, it has a considerable reserve at its disposal, which it makes available to all companies that want to remain competitive in today’s IT world.

Change is the essence

Business analysis

Process analysis and mapping, staff evaluation, machine learning to analyze and evolve.

Business re-engineering

Designing the transformation allows you to have a clear point of arrival by providing indicators and alternatives to improve.

Business evolution

Continuous staff training, outsourcing and cost containment, evaluation of new technologies and design of new systems.

Faster than your mind

Technical and Design advisory

The most convenient technology stack for your idea and for your team. The best tools in the short, medium and long term.

Continuous training and coaching

A training and mentoring program that allows you to train your team while continuing to perform your tasks.


Outsource the activities of an entire system to allow the company to remain competitive on the market.